Call-to-action Concert

Together We Rise will feature a call-to-action concert starting at 8 PM in the Strand Theatre, and emceed by spoken word artist, Ashley Rose Salomon. Renowned R & B musician Larry Watson and Ensemble will headline a powerful line-up of artists and activists, including poets, musicians, comedians, and testimonial speakers.

This event aims to strengthen ties between a diverse group of people through a powerful arts-based experience, strengthen our collective commitment to working on local and broader efforts, and galvanize interest in participating in weekend protest events and beyond that, in local or broader grassroots efforts.

Performers include:

Percussionist/musician Cornell Coley

Comedian Deb Farrar Parkman

Spoken Word Poet Regie Gibson

Lena Park CDC Women Spoken Word Artists

Emcee Ashley Rose Salomon

Strong Men Strong Leaders

Comedian Bethany Van Delft

Musician Larry Watson and Ensemble


Speakers include:

Poet and Playwright-in-Exile Ari Belathar

Didi Delgado, Black Lives Matter

Housing Activist Betsaida Gutierrez