Join up with the Together We Rise procession at 7 PM on Thursday, January 19th at Mary Hannon Park on Dudley Street in Dorchester, only a 10-minute walk from the Strand Theatre.

We will be joined by musicians, activists, and community members, gathering to express our collective desires for a more peaceful, just, and creative future. Members of the procession will meet up on the baseball field at Mary Hannon Park and then raise our voices in song together as we walk for approximately 15 minutes to arrive at the Strand Theatre.

Here are the original song lyrics courtesy of composer Maria Finkelmeier:

We will not back down — Together We Rise

We will stand up now — Together We Rise

We reject his hatred — Together We Rise

He is not our President — Together We Rise

We will not normalize this — Together We Rise

We walk together as neighbors — Together We Rise

Note that we will be using the sidewalks for our procession. Participants should plan to be outside for 30 minutes during the procession, so please prepare for winter weather. We recommend bringing a flashlight, cellphone, or some other type of light to illuminate your way.  If you’re feeling crafty, create your own illuminated sign with a slogan such as “Together We Rise” or “More Love. More Fury.”

We plan to hold the procession barring extreme weather. Please help spread the word, so we can draw more than 100 participants for the procession. See you at Mary Hannon Park!